Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


An array of factors sets Globalator apart from the competition. Four main factors create the pillars of our unique approach to handle international growth projects:




Working on projects we focus our activities on the individuals involved taking into account their strengths and limitations. As any great manager knows, it is the people who make or break a business. In international growth projects the people focus becomes even more important. After all two different cultures and sets of expectations need to be considered in order to create value.


Implementation focus is the driving force behind all our actions. We are not in the business of developing theoretical concepts on volumes of paper, left with you for implementation. We are managers at heart and we work with you to create results. If applicable we are ready to take on responsibilities as interim managers to secure the results you expect. Independent of our role as advisor, coach, or interim manager throughout a project, our approach to solving issues will always be that of a manager.


We continuously consider and discuss the long-term impacts of any of our proposals and actions with our clients. Expansion and acquisition projects quite obviously benefit from a long-term focus starting with the sound preparation before an initiative all the way through to the sound implementation. As a strategy for the sale of a business though, this approach at first glance may sound counter-intuitive. After all it seems that one just wants to get as much money out as quickly as possible and run. However, the reality is that not only does a business with solid long-term value make more money; it also secures the future of a business and its team members, which usually is rather important to business owners.


As every international expansion situation is absolutely unique, so is our approach to each of our engagements. Early on in the process we absorb the underlying intentions for an initiative in order to guide our work. Moreover, we carefully work together with you to make sure that your existing resources are utilized appropriately for the assignment. Over usage of your resources might cause you to lose necessary focus on the ongoing business, while under usage would not prepare you properly for the challenges ahead.

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