SELL your business


    If you use a Build-to-Sell strategy your intent is to build a company towards a successful sale. This endeavor is often also referred to as an exit. One of the big misconceptions about an exit is that this is a short-term process, where you simply find a buyer for what you have built. Reality is though, that in order to achieve the ultimate value of an exit a company should be optimized for that for years before the sale and additional value can be achieved by ensuring the proper integration into the purchaser’s business. Generally the highest value is achieved during the development phase during the years before the exit and the second highest value during the implementation phase following the exit.


    Main strategic transaction types

    While divestments is the obvious transaction type, the possibility of spin-offs should not be underestimated. Sometimes owners want to sell only a part of a company and continue to operate the rest. A spin-off that is built for a sale can solve that problem for an owner to cash in some money, but still run the business that they have enjoyed running for years.


    Supporting strategic transaction types

    If the route has been chosen to develop the business over several years for an exit, then in addition to alliances and licensing deals, also the acquisition of another business can be an option. While an acquisition usually adds at least 1-2 years to the overall process, it might allow the seller to grow the value of the business much higher in a short period of time.


    Globalator services offered

    Globalator clients for Build-to-Sell engagements are usually owners of small to medium sized companies that have been established at a certain level. We usually come on board 2-3 years before the intended sale of your business and we generally also stay by your side for another year after the sale has completed. Especially during the initial engagement we offer the option to be the sparring partner of your executive team. This allows both sides to get to know each other and develop a necessary trust relationship. It also allows the owner to reconsider the decision of selling the company by learning in more detail what it entails. Once the time is ready for the owner Globalator takes over the lead to manage the exit process in a fractional management role. We work from within your organization and usually become board members.

    We would be happy to discuss with you the best strategy for the future of your business and determine if Globalator can play a role in that. You will find that our approach can also add value to you.

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