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    The role of Globalator changes depending on the phase of the Build-to-Sell process. Below is an overview of how a typical Build-to-Sell engagement of Globalator works for illustration purposes. Since each case is different, it is tailored to the needs of each situation.


    When building your company for an exit, you should continue to run your business with a focus on serving the customers of your products and services. While you focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, it is the role of Globalator to ensure that what you build is optimized to achieve the best possible exit value with a focus on serving an additional customer group, the potential purchasers of your business. We combine your expertise of serving the needs of your customers with our expertise on serving the needs of potential buyers. Together we ensure not only that your business continues to flourish, but also that no resources are wasted on areas that are not valued by potential buyers.


    The development phase usually takes anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the status of your business when we get started. During this phase Globalator serves as your sparring partner and would typically take a board-like position at your company with quarterly full-day meetings.



    The transaction phase is actually split into two distinct sub-phases (preparation & actual transaction phase) where the engagement of Globalator changes.


    During the preparation portion of this phase you continue to run your business, similar to the development phase. However, you will need to spend additional time with us to support the preparations for the transaction. At this point in addition to the sparring partner role from the previous phase for your day-to-day development of your business, Globalator takes on the managerial responsibility for the exit process and creates the selling documents, fine-tunes the list of potential purchasers and develops the strategy for the market approach. Together we will ensure that the business is well prepared for a smooth transaction process, while your business continues to evolve.


    The preparation sub-phase usually takes 6 months. The quarterly meetings intensify to become monthly full-day meetings. Moreover, additional meetings and calls are required to ensure that Globalator is well prepared and aligned with you to approach the market.


    During the actual transaction phase you continue to run your business, similar to the development phase. Moreover, you and select members of your senior management team will get heavily involved in the due diligence process with our support. Globalator continues its managerial responsibility for the exit process and has the lead in the discussions with the potential buyers, professional advisors such as lawyers and accountants towards the finalization of the deal. Together we ensure that you get the best possible deal.


    The actual preparation transaction phase usually takes 6-12 months. The monthly full-day meetings remain in place and there will be many more meetings and calls during the due diligence phase to complete the deal.



    Once you have sold your business, your role usually changes. When asked this is the time that most owner-managers hate the most about building their business. However, Globalator does not leave you alone, during this critical and emotional phase of handing your business over to a new owner that will take it to the next level. We will stay by your side to oversee the integration team on the seller side.

    The implementation phase usually takes up to 12 months.The actual structure of this engagement depends highly on the needs of the seller and the buyer. While the engagement of Globalator is more comparable to the development phase, initially it would be more likely that there would be weekly full-day meetings for the first month, which would then transition to quarterly meetings after about 6 months.




    Fee Structure


    The Globalator fee structure in general is similar to engagements of senior executives. There are monthly fixed fees and a bonus payment for success. Since a Globalator engagement is more like a fractional management undertaking instead of a consulting or professional advisory relationship, we do not believe that hourly rates work well for this. We are experienced senior executives and we work as such. Moreover, we want to make sure that you can reach out to us at any time during the process without having to think that this might be another 6 minutes of incremental billable time.


    Globalator does not have a sub-structure with associates or other Globalator specialist that you have to pay for. You get to work with the deeply experienced engagement managers directly and we use the resources that you already have to the best possible extent. No upselling of additional services of any kind.




    Special Law & Strategy Engagement Team in San Diego, USA


    When one of the leading M&A (mergers & acquisitions) lawyers in the San Diego region (Patrick Monroe) and one of the leading global business experts in strategic transaction management and M&A strategy (Juergen Graner) join forces, you can expect superior results. In this joint engagement offered to clients Patrick focuses on minimizing liability, while Juergen focuses on maximizing sellability.



    Patrick not only has experience in hundreds of M&A transactions where he was the lawyer of choice for sellers and buyers alike, but he actually also was a successful marketing & sales business executive for more than 10 years at Fortune 500 companies and small businesses before he became a lawyer. In combination with Juergen’s global management experience in the M&A space and as CEO in 6 countries on 3 continents, this creates a unique high performance team that can supercharge your Build-to-Sell process.


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