Note from the Founders


Originally we wanted to focus only on the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) market because based on our own experience with traditional consultants, investment bankers, and advisors, we felt that most of them forgot about one important thing in their daily work: THE PEOPLE.

The focus on the transaction itself, and the lack of focus on the people involved, is what we believe to be the main reason why mergers & acquisitions go wrong. It depends which statistics you trust, but on average 60-90% of M&A deals fail to result in value creation. This is something that we felt needed changing, and where Globalator could make a real difference.

When we initially set out to prove our concept of People Focused M&A activities, we learned very quickly from our engagements that we needed to be broader than just understanding buying and selling companies. Our clients expect from us to be able to help them achieve results. Their desire to buy another business, or divest their own entity usually is only an expression to achieve certain results. However, if during the preparation or implementation of an acquisition or a sale other strategies arise, which might be a better alternative to achieve the desired results, our clients want us to be able to switch direction as needed.

We have also found that seeing the sale or divestment of a company as an end in itself could be value destructive. However, when handling the sale as an actual growth opportunity for the business with a change in ownership, a much broader spectrum of opportunities arise to create value for shareholders and employees.

As experienced managers, we found that only by offering a full package of integrated management services to support the international growth of companies through expansion, acquisition, or sale, could we really provide our clients with the value proposition they are looking for. The fact that our team members not only work on M&A assignments, but also on traditional expansion projects, enables them to bring a more comprehensive perspective to their engagements.

Our mission is to enable our clients to manage international growth successfully. Whether it is expansion from within, growth through acquisitions, or transformation through a business sale, we remain obsessed with the ultimate goal of creating superior value in the international growth of businesses.

We truly hope that what we set out to do with Globalator can also make a difference to you, your people, and your business.


Your Globalator Founding Team


Peter W. Bennett & Juergen Graner

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