Comments About Globalator


Michael Schaude, Ph.D.

Founder and former CEO of Bender MedSystems GmbH, Austria

“Globalator has done a truly outstanding job in supporting the growth of my company from an early stage all the way to a highly successful sale. Due to the work done by the Globalator team, I have not only been able to achieve a superior return on investment, I can also sleep well at night since my trusted remaining colleagues in the company I sold have a great future with the new owners. Thanks again Globalator for understanding my needs and delivering results.”


Craig S. Andrews, J.D.
Chairman of Bioaxxess, Inc., USA

“I have worked with Globalator and its principal for many years and I have been consistently impressed by the quality of the work. They have a unique model and can add a lot of value in complex deals, and have a special talent at bridging between cultures in North America, Europe and Asia. They also have a long-term result orientation and actively supported our long-term value creation goals by their “hands-on” approach in acquisitions, working closely with us from preparation to integration. I have never seen any company do better at switching between different roles- from advisor to actual interim management as the project evolved.”


Georges Chappuis, Ph.D.
Founder and former President of Alexis Corporation, Switzerland
Former CEO & President of Axxora Life Sciences, Inc., USA
Former Managing Director Enzo Life Sciences AG, Switzerland

“The hands-on services of Globalator in international expansion projects have been far superior to any other consulting company I have worked with. Globalator delivers results, and if required they will take an interim management role. Particularly impressive and useful has been the capability of Globalator to execute a wide range of growth and divestment strategies, always tailored to our needs. No matter if you plan to buy a company, sell your business, restructure for growth, or expand in any other way internationally, I would strongly suggest to consider Globalator to help you achieve the results you are looking for.”


Captain Sir Donald Gosling KCVO Kt RNR
Co-Founder of NCP National Car Parks, UK

“Globalator has been of enormous help to me whilst I was considering the future of one of my investments. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism of your team throughout your engagement, as well as the clarity and objectivity of your advice to me personally on conclusion of your work. Many thanks and sincerest respect for your thoroughly professional service.”


Said El Alaoui, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO of Covalab S.A.S, France

“The work provided by Globalator was truly excellent and made a real difference to Covalab. You were not only creative in your approach of solving strategic issues, but also very accommodating of the current local situation and me as an individual. I would highly recommend Globalator to any other CEO seeking to expand their business internationally.”


Jean-Paul Sanders
Founder and former CEO of 10 P’s BVBA, Belgium

“When businesses are in a stage of merger or acquisition it is a necessity to have people who understand exactly what is going on especially in an international context. My personal experience with the role that Globalator played is that they could give the right and human approach and custom tailored service at any stage of the process. They were able to create a deal that worked for all parties by emphasizing a genuine focus on individuals rather than the global company as such. Globalator could also take on actual managerial responsibilities in the deal at hand to ensure long-term success. Their professionalism and dedication with high quality standards make them a shining example for others in the industry.”