Francesco Melandri

Engagement Executive

Francesco is a protein biochemist with 20+ years of life science product development and manufacturing leadership experience. After 8 years of working for pharmaceutical companies on therapeutics development, he founded a protein-based product company in the USA with core expertise in biochemistry of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System. He led this business as CEO for over 13 years from start-up all the way to a successful sale to a NASDAQ listed company in the research reagents space. Following the exit of his business he stayed on board with the public listed company for 4 years to lead the integration as Managing Director of one of the subsidiaries. This mix of building a company from scratch as CEO and continuing in a leadership role as part of a public company provides Francesco with a unique insight into building companies for a successful sale. After the process of selling and integrating his own business, Francesco spent most of his professional life on supporting companies in various managerial and fractional roles to advance their business from a product development and manufacturing perspective, with a focus on the enzyme space.

Francesco holds a Master degree in Biochemistry from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.


Industry Specialties:

  • Life Sciences
  • Research Reagents
  • Drug Development


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